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Uniflu is the only cold and flu treatment with 5 active ingredients to treat the common symptoms of colds and flu. So whatever you do this cold and flu season Try Uniflu...

Every year, many people get a common cold and occasionally they fall ill with flu. Influenza spreads around the world in a yearly outbreak, resulting in about three to five million cases of severe illness. In Ireland many thousands are affected by the flu every year. Vulnerable people should get vaccinated against the flu.

Cold symptoms can be different from flu symptoms, but sometimes it can be hard to tell the difference between cold and flu. If you can recognise warning signs of cold and flu early, you can get treatment quickly and recover sooner.

Antibiotics cannot treat infections caused by viruses, as in the case of a cold or flu . Uniflu is the only product available which provides symptomatic relief for all of the symptoms of cold and flu. Paracetamol treats fever and headache. Decongestant relieves stuffiness. Antihistamine relieves itchy and runny nose. Caffeine helps keep you going and enhances the effect of paracetamol. Vitamin C supports your immune system.

Uniflu is available in pharmacies only.

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